Quote of the day

I didn't change; i grew up. You should try it sometime.

You will pay for your sins , and so will I.. so I guess I'll see you in hell, asshole
I wonder what goes through your head when you hear my name..
I remember those simple things. I remember 'til i cry. But the one thing I wish I'd forget, is GOODBYE.

He saw you. He met you. He wanted you. He liked you. He chased you. He got you. He had you. He got bored. He left

All of my firends are like, "I love him. He gave me his hoodie, and we kissed in the rain. "And i'm just sitting here like; "I love food."

"What time is it?" "There is a clock over there..." "Bitch, Did I ask you were the clock was?!"

Sing in the shower, dance in the rain, laugh as much as you can, live your lifte to the fullest because u never know when this life will end.

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